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Our History

In 1914, Joseph Sharff opened "Sharff Glass" in Canton, Ohio. Joseph grew his business and gained local respect before selling Sharff Glass to his brother Sam in 1954.

The company, to this day, operates from the same building Sam Sharff built shortly after acquiring the business. Sam's children, Morton and Jules, continued to run the business until it was bought by Floyd Everhart in 1994 and renamed

"Everhart Glass Co.".

Floyd was an employee of Sharff Glass for 29 years before buying the company. From the very beginning, his mission has been to provide quality and affordable service to Canton and the surrounding communities.


He now plans to pass this mission to Thomas Spichiger, the new Chief Executive Officer of the company. Over the next year, Floyd will be showing him the ropes and preparing him to expand the business.


Everhart wanted the business to continue as a full-service glass company. "We're going in the right direction, we've found the right people." he said.

1914 - Joseph Sharff opens "sharff Glass"

1994 - Floyd Everhart buys The company

1954 - Sam Sharff buys the company

2021 - Local Investment Group takes
over Everhart Glass Co.

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